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Sonar 9/16-inch Male to Scubapro/Tusa Inflator/Ocy QD LP Adaptor

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  • Model: WMD-AH-201 | AHA-6B
  • Brand: Sonar

Product Description

The Sonar 9/16-18" UNF Male to Scubapro/Tusa (Female) BCD/Jacket/Inflator/Octopus Quick Disconnect Low Pressure (LP) Adaptor is used to connect a standard regulator hose to a Scubapro/Tusa combined inflation and octopus quick disconnect low pressure coupling. Thus it connects to the male low pressure quick disconnect connector on the inflation and alternate octopus regulator system of compatible BCDs.

Converts a standard regulator LP hose into a Scubapro/Tusa and compatible combined BCD/jacket/inflator/octopus quick disconnect LP hose.

Some BCDs come with a BCD inflator unit that is combined with an alternative air source (Octopus) second stage regulator. The manufacturers of such units often use a proprietary coupling so that their special regulator/inflator hose can provide the extra air flow that an Octopus requires over a standard inflator hose and still have the quick disconnect features of a standard inflator hose.

The 9/16-18" UNF Male end of this low pressure adaptor connects to the female end of a standard regulator hose.

The female end of this adaptor accepts the male special quick disconnect low pressure fittings on the ScubaPro Air II, Tusa Duo-Air, Sherwood Gemini, DiveRite RiteSource, H2Odyssea Inflator plus, Atomic Aquatics SS1 or Zeagle Octo-Z Breathable and compatible BCDs.

  • Durable marine grade chromed brass construction
  • Low pressure only - below 200 psi
  • Factory cleaned - Nitrox ready

(09/14 LRB)

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