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Sonar Rubber LP BC Inflator Hose - 70 cm (28 inch)

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  • Model: SL-QDHOSE
  • Brand: Sonar

Product Description

The Sonar 70 cm (28 inch) long, high quality, low pressure, Rubber BC Inflator Hoses are made specifically for scuba diving with chromed brass fittings. All hoses are constructed from oxygen compatible materials, guaranteed not to delaminate, remain flexible in cold water.

These rubber, low pressure, BC Inflator hoses have a 3/8-inch Male UNF thread at the end that screws into a first stage LP port, and at the other end is the Quick Disconnect BC female slide-lock Schrader valve fitting that accepts the standard BC inflator male QD post.

Colour: Black

Sonar Rubber 70 cm LP BC Inflator Hose Features

  • Traditional rubber with chromed brass fittings
  • Flexible in Cold Water
  • Length is measured from end to end of hose
  • 3/8-inch male to 1st stage - QD female to Inflator
  • All hoses are Nitrox Ready
  • First quality CE EN250 certified

Scuba Hose Installation

We recommend that the fitting and installation of all diving hoses should be made by a competent person and using the correct tools. As such we would suggest this is done by a recognised service centre like The Scuba Doctor.

All installation should be made in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations and instructions.

If you are unsure in any way about the installation, please visit The Scuba Doctor for advice.

Scuba Hose Life Warning

Keep in mind that all SCUBA hoses, both rubber or polyester, will fail sooner or later either due to age, storage conditions or handling. Scuba hoses, regardless of brand and materials, require some minimal care. Do not allow hoses to receive prolonged exposure sunlight, as the heat and UV from strong sunlight will significantly shorten the life of the hose. Do not attempt to flush the inside of the hose with any form of solvent or other chemical, new hoses are factory clean and if you have any reason to think they are no longer clean then the hose should be replaced.

Prior to every dive trip you should always pressurise and inspect your hoses for mechanical damage, corroded fittings, bulges and leaks. For more information about the care and maintenance of your dive hoses, please see Caring For Scuba Diving Hoses.

The Scuba Doctor suggests replacing all SCUBA hoses every five years or 500 dives, whichever comes first.

(04/18 LRB)