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Northern Diver Webbing Twinning Bands

$270.00  $239.00
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  • Model: ND-TWIN-BANDS
  • Brand: Northern Diver

Product Description

The Northern Diver Webbing Twinning Bands Nylon include webbing cam belts with plastic spacer blocks. Use these to attach two cylinders/tanks to your BCD and dive them as an independent twin cylinder configuration.

Nylon webbing cam belts with plastic spacer blocks. Superb! Allows twin set kits to be fitted most Northern Diver/Buddy BCDs. A manifold is not necessary if the diver wants to fit two regulators.

Can be used on all cylinder sizes and is compatible with most Northern Diver/Buddy BCDs allowing twinning.

Uses cam bands so the backpack or jacket can be removed by un-camming. Quick and simple, no tools needed.

Consists of four special length type cam bands, one 4-slot anti-slip rubber plate, and two special separation crimping blocks. Once correctly cammed using the special separation blocks, the twin cylinders are rigidly held in position.

It is the divers choice whether a manifold is used or two regulators. There is a reasonable amount of leeway on the bands to cater for cylinders with unusual diameters.

Special Order: This is a Special Order item. There will be an approximate 2 to 4 week turn around.

(06/17 LRB)