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Northern Diver Metalux TEMPERATE Undersuit

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  • Brand: Northern Diver

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Product Description

The Northern Diver Metalux Temperate undersuit provides Warmth and Comfort.

Metalux® is a unique undersuit, insulating and reflecting a diver's heat back to the body.
This new suit is the replacement of the original Metalux 200. It is suited for UK summer diving conditions and /or under drysuits with thermal properties. However, due to the advanced fibre mixture, some divers find this NEW model of Metalux more than adequate in single figure water temperatures.

Metalux® has the enviable reputation of being one of the most effective lightweight, high performance insulating materials available, designed to reduce air movement and reflect thermal radiation.
Metalux® retains its impressive insulative qualities when wet or compressed and the quilt construction retains thermal integrity throughout the life of the garment. Metalux® is hard-wearing, long lasting and machine washable.


  • Reflects body heat back to the diver
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Quick-drying
  • Bacteria and fungus resistant
  • Fleece lined
  • Elastic thumb and foot stirrups
  • Pockets on the hips

Colour : Black.

Available exclusively from Northern Diver and Northern Diver dealers, Metalux® undersuits bring diver insulation into the 21st century.

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