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  • OMS Tesseract Dual Bladder Wing with Retraction Bands 60lb Lift

OMS Tesseract Dual Bladder Wing with Retraction Bands 60lb Lift

$1,257.00  $1,130.00
Save: $127.00 (10%)

  • Model: OMS-11518009 | BC-115-KB/R
  • Brand: OMS
  • EAN: 4251088250092

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Product Description

This OMS Tesseract Dual Bladder BC Wing, with retraction bands, provides 27 kg (60 lb) of lift. This OMS BC Wing can be used with both single or double cylinders, and is excellent for use with any of the various OMS backplate and harness systems, especially the OMS IQ Pack.

Elastomeric Retraction Band BC Features [Patented]:

Dual Bladder:
Inflator hoses and Dump valves are interchangeable for a variety of unique hose configurations. The dual bladder model features a total of four pull dump valves located: Diver's Side bladder: lower left and top right; Tank Side bladder: lower right and top left.
Power Deflation / Oral Inflation:
The unique elastomeric bands (use is optional) assist in deflation, but still allow the diver to orally inflate the BC.
Elimination of Air Shift:
The OMS elastomeric bands evenly compress the BC, eliminating the massive airshift associated with non-banded BCs that typically occurs when changing body plane.
Low Drag / Low Snag:
The OMS elastomeric bands typically retract the BC to a width less than the divers shoulders, greatly reducing Drag and Snag potential. (Results confirmed by Dive Lab.)
Trim Adjustability:
By adding or eliminating bands in different parts of the BC, the diver can adjust: a) lateral trim to compensate for stage bottles, cameras, etc. b) Horizontal trim e.g. head up, down or level.

Other Features:

This dual bladder BC, with retraction bands, features the same superior materials as other OMS BCs. It incorporate a pull dump located at the diver's side lower left and an inflator hose exiting the centre or slightly off centre of the BC tank side. Quality and advanced engineering without compromise, exemplify the OMS BC product line.

Like all OMS BCs this model incorporate features such as four slots located in the non-inflated section of the BC. Cam bands can then be passed through the integral webbing on the back of the OMS IQ Pack, or through the cam-band slots on the OMS Stainless Steel or Aluminium Back plates, inserted into these BC slots and finally placed over the single cylinder... making any OMS Backplate/Harness combines with this BC very light and travel friendly.

This OMS BC uses 1000 denier Cordura backed with 5.0 oz of Urethane to prevent abrasion and increase puncture resistance. Most competitors lose the "First Line of Defence" on their BCs by using little or no urethane backing. This leaves their product vulnerable to punctures and abrasion. Housed inside the OMS Cordura cover are two virgin urethane bladders.

Colour: Black or Red.

(11/15 LRB)

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