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Tusa TA-80 Stainless Steel Spring Fin Straps (Pair)

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  • Model: TA-80 - Discontinued
  • Brand: Tusa

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Product Description

The Tusa TA-80 Stainless Steel Spring Straps (sold as a pair) feature all metal buckles and are perfect for most Tusa and other brand open-heel scuba fins available on the market. A great upgrade to standard straps, spring straps do not need to be adjusted for size and easily slip over the heel securely when donning/doffing.

Spring straps are so convenient that we think every diver should have a set. They pull on over your heel easily, are self-adjusting, and will last for years. While more and more new fins are coming standard with spring or bungy straps, these Tusa Stainless Steel Spring Straps allow you to upgrade your current fins.

Most add-on after-market stainless steel spring straps use plastic quick-release buckles at each strap end which are a likely failure point. These Tusa Stainless Steel Spring Straps feature an aluminium metal buckle system for extra strength and durability.

These Tusa spring straps come with the hardware and even the tools to retrofit almost any post-style fin. The whole process takes about five minutes.

Tusa TA-80 Stainless Steel Spring Fin Strap Features:

  • High quality stainless steel strap and aluminium buckle system
  • Will fit on most any fins available on the market
  • Fit automatically adjusts to changing conditions
  • Durable stainless steel coil spring will not rust or break
  • Rubber heel grip with finger loop for easy fit
  • Put-On and Take-Off your fins with ease
  • No more adjusting with a rubber strap!
  • Easy to install


Sizes: S
- Size Small fits: XS and S fins
Sizes: M
- Size Small fits: M fins

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