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  • Best Divers Magnetic Octopus/Regulator Hose Holder

Best Divers Magnetic Octopus/Regulator Hose Holder

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  • Model: BD-AI0727*
  • Brand: Best Divers

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Product Description

The Best Divers Magnetic Octopus/Regulator Hose Holder is for securing an octopus attachment, or other similar regulator or console hose. Now using the magnetic fixing and high tensile polymer holder, you can easily keep your octopus regulator, or a dangling console hose in place.

Keeps the hose secure yet allows quick, easy access if required without the worry of being tangled.

One part attaches to the hose of your occy and the other to a D-ring on your BCD. Powerful Magnets inside each half holds your mouthpiece in position. The magnets are strong enough to hold your octo in position, but you can still grab it when you need to.

The magnets are also Self-Guiding. They will pull themselves together from a distance so you don't have to struggle with clips or folding hoses away.

Colours: Silver, Blue, Gold, or Red

Warning: The powerful magnets can affect your compass in close proximity.

Please Note: There are similar but inferior products on the market. Most use low strength magnets and thus the hose breaks away when you don't want it to. The high power magnets in this product ensures they perform the way you want them to.

(10/18 LRB)