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Sea & Sea Sea Arm 8 Strobe Head Adaptor - Small

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  • Model: S&S-22115
  • Brand: Sea & Sea

Product Description

The 68.5 mm Small length Sea & Sea Sea Arm 8 Strobe Head Adaptor is used to mount a YS series strobe as part of a line of modular accessories for underwater housing of DSLR cameras. To mount a YS series strobe it attaches between a Ball Clamp (S&S-22116) and a Double Arm.

Adding artificial light to underwater photography and video is the key to better images. Having the best platform to help provide that lighting is as important as the artificial light itself. If you want to add lighting capabilities to your underwater camera system one of the important components is a Strobe Head Adaptor. To support your Strobe or Video Light the Sea Arm 8 68.5 mm Strobe Head Adaptor will allow you to get the best lighting angles to optimise your images.

Constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy with an anodised finish, the arm measures 68.3 mm (2.73") long and weighs 42.6 g on land.

Sea & Sea Sea Arm 8 Strobe Head Adaptor - Small Features

  • Adding Artificial Light to Underwater Photography and Video's is the Key to Better Images
  • Having the Best Platform to Provide Lighting is As-Important as Artificial Light It's-Self
  • Add Lighting Capabilities to Camera Housing/Tray
  • Allows Connection of Strobe or Light to Camera/Housing or Tray
  • Compatibility: Compact Digital Cameras or SLR Systems
  • Advantage of Proper Lighting Angles
  • Corrosion Resistant Anodised Aluminium Alloy with Rubber O-Ring Friction Gaskets

(10/18 LRB)