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H2Odyssey Extra Air Source with Catalina S6 Cylinder

RE10033 - SO

This H2Odyssey Extra Air Source (EAS) solution combines a 6 cubic foot capacity Catalina S6 Aluminium Cylinder, with a H2Odyssey EAS2 1st and 2nd stage regulator combination, a H2Odyssey Quick Release Bag, and a H2Odyssey Decant Filling Adaptor. It's a great emergency air supply solution! It's carried by hookah or scuba divers for use as an emergency supply of breathing gas in the event of a primary gas supply failure. Ready to use with Nitrox up to 40%.

Take responsibility for your own safety with a H2Odyssey Extra Air Source.

You're 18 metres (60 ft) down, and your Primary Air Source malfunctions. You can't get air! What do you do? Pull Out your Extra Air Source, Calmly make your way to the surface, make a Safety Stop, and once back on the boat or on shore, thank your Lucky Stars you dived with the H2Odyssey Extra Air Source.

The H2Odyssey EAS removes existing limits on Redundant Air Systems currently on the market and allows you to configure an Emergency Air Source tailored to your diving needs. Combined with the 0.9 litre (6 cubic foot) capacity Catalina S6 Aluminium Cylinder, this system is great for hookah diving, or diving shallow, non overhead environments. The Extra Air Source will get you to the Surface and even provide you with enough air for a Safety Stop if configured correctly for your maximum dive depth.

Having a Redundant Air Source for Increased Safety provides you with an Independent Emergency Air not Dependent on your Primary Air Supply. An Octopus or Breathable Inflator System both depend on the Reliability of your Primary Air Source. If it malfunctions you're Out of Air!

H2Odyssey Extra Air Source 1st and 2nd Stage Regulator

This H2Odyssey Extra Air Source (EAS2) gives you the Reliability of a Redundant Air System using a Dependable Non-Balanced Flow-By Piston First Stage with a Downstream Demand Valve Second Stage.

The H2Odyssey RG2V First Stage Regulator threads directly into the Neck-of-the-Cylinder eliminating the Need or Bulk of a Cylinder Valve. The First Stage has a Sure-Grip On/Off Valve Hand Wheel that is Easy to Turn even with gloved hands. The First Stage is equipped with two Low Pressure Ports and one High Pressure Port on the Marine Grade Chrome Plated Brass Body for Corrosion Resistance and Long Life.

The H2Odyssey Octo Second Stage Regulator has a Bright Yellow Purge Cover, is a Dependable simple Downstream Demand Valve design which connects to the First Stage via a 360 Vertical and Horizontal Swivel. The Second Stage has a Quality Silicone Mouthpiece, Diaphragm and Dual Exhaust Valves in a Dual Exhaust Manifold for Ease of Inhalation/Exhalation when in an Emergency Out of Air Situation. The Large Purge Button makes Clearing the Regulator Safe and Easy.

Download/read the H2Odyssey Extra Air Source Manual (PDF, 20 pages, 1.2 Mb)

Catalina S6 Aluminium Cylinder

This package includes a Catalina S6 (0.9 litre, 6 cubic ft), 207 bar, Aluminium Cylinder. That's 186 litres of breathing gas. The Catalina high-grade aluminium scuba cylinder is constructed especially to meet Australian safety standards. This setup provides double the volume of setups like Spare Air.

H2Odyssey Extra Air Source Quick Disconnect Yoke Filler Adaptor

Need to Refill your H2Odyssey Extra Air Source or Redundant Air System on the beach or where a Compressor is not handy? The H2Odyssey Quick Disconnect Yoke Filler Adaptor allows you to decant fill off of the Standard Scuba Yoke Valve on a scuba cylinder. The adaptor is made of Durable Chrome Plated Brass and Corrosion Resistant Materials.

We recommend that you add a button SPG to your setup so that you know when to stop the fill transfer if filling from a higher pressure cylinder. You'll also be able to use this SPG to know how much air you have in your cylinder.

H2Odyssey Quick Release EAS Bag for 6 cu ft Tank

The H2Odyssey Quick Release EAS Bag is the best way to mount your Extra Air System. The EAS Bag is designed to hold a 6 cu ft tank. The bag easily clips to your BCD D-Rings, so it's ready for use when you need it most. Bag is made of Durable Nylon material with two Adjustable. Squeeze-Style Quick Release Buckle Straps and two Aluminium Carabiner Clips.

H2Odyssey Extra Air Source System with Catalina S6 Cylinder Features

  • Package Includes Everything Needed for an Emergency Air System
  • Reliability of Redundant Air System
  • Increased Safety in Diving
  • Independent Emergency Air, No Dependency on your Primary or Buddies Air Supply
  • Independent of Primary Air Source
  • H2Odyssey Extra Air Source 1st and 2nd Stage Regulator
    • H2Odyssey RG2V 1st stage
    • High Performance Non-Balanced Flow-By Piston Design
    • 2 x Low Pressure Ports
    • 2 x High Pressure Ports
      1 for fill valve
      1 for pressure gauge
    • Designated cylinder filling port
    • Burst disk
    • Working intermediate pressure of 120/140 psi
    • Sure-Grip On/Off Valve Hand-Wheel
    • Marine Grade Chrome Plated Body
    • Durable and Corrosion Resistant Design
    • H2Odyssey Octo 2nd Stage
    • Bright Yellow Purge Cover for Easy Identification
    • Dependable Downstream Demand Valve Design
    • Dual high performance exhaust valves and manifolds
    • Comfortable medical grade silicon mouthpiece
    • Large Silicone Diaphragm
    • Large Purge Button for Easy Access
    • 2nd stage connects to 1st stage via a 360° vertical and horizontal swivel
    • Ready to use with Nitrox up to 40%
    • Threads directly to any 3/4"-14 NPSM cylinder
  • Catalina S6 Aluminium Cylinder
    • Cylinder Capacity for Shallow, Non Overhead Environment Diving
    • Lightweight 0.9 litre (6 cubic foot) Aluminium Tank
    • Working Pressure: 207 bar (3000 psi)
    • Test Pressure: 345 bar (5000 psi)
    • Material: High strength aluminium alloy 6061-T6
    • Cylinder Diameter: 81.4 mm (3.21 in)
    • Cylinder Length: 280 mm (11.0 in)
    • Cylinder Empty Weight: 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs)
    • Neck Thread: 3/4 inch NPSM
    • Brushed Aluminium Bottle
  • H2Odyssey Decant Filling Adaptor
    • Fill Extra Air Source Bottle at Beach or where Compressor is Not Handy
    • QD Yoke Filler - EAS1-3
    • Quick Disconnect Filler to One Way Fill Valve
    • Cascade Fills from Standard Scuba Cylinder with Yoke Valve
    • Pressure relief valve
    • 200 bar (3000 psi) Service Pressure
    • Durable Chrome Plated Brass Construction
  • H2Odyssey 6 cu ft Quick Release Bag
    • Ideal way to mount your redundant air system
    • Designed to hold a 6 cu ft cylinder
    • Bag easily clips to your BCD D-rings
    • Durable nylon construction
    • 2 Adjustable Squeeze Style Quick Release Buckle Straps
    • 2 Aluminium Carabiner Clips
    • Allows easy accessibility at all times


Adding a small Button SPG to the first stage enables you to know the contents of your cylinder. It also enables you to know when to stop when doing and ait fill transfer from another cylinder.

A standard Low Pressure Regulator Hose can be added so that the 2nd stage can be separated from the 1st stage just like your primary and octopus 2nd stage regulators. Thus this becomes a pony cylinder type setup. We recommend using a 100 cm (40 inch) length hose such as the Miflex Xtreme Regulator Hose 100 cm in Fluro Yellow. We also recomend adding a Sonar LP 90 Degree Swivel Adaptor for Regulator to the hose setup.

Adding a H2Odyssey Extra Air Source FA-2 Station Filler Adaptor enables you to refill your Redundant Air System when you go to the dive shop or on a charter boat. Thus you don't have to sacrifice some of your primary air source supply to refill your EAS cylinder.

For more information, please download/view the H2Odyssey Extra Air Source Manual (Adobe PDF, 20 pages, 1.2Mb)

Please Note: We do not use or recommend Spare Air products. The H2Odyssey Extra Air Source solutions allow you to match an appropriately sized standard scuba cylinder to give you the right air capacity for the diving you do. Spare Air products provide a choice of 1.7 or 3 cu ft air capacity which we consider to be too little. H2Odyssey products also meet the European EN250 safety standards.


What We Think...

  • This is a great safety device for hookah divers and scuba divers staying shallow (less than 18 metre deep).
  • You can use it yourself, or easily pass it off to a buddy who is having an out of air situation.
  • We recommend you buy the Filling Station Adaptor so that you can fill the cylinder at a dive shop and thus not have to sacrifice your primary cylinder air.

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