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Aqualung Axiom BCD | Petrol | Medium

Aqualung Axiom BCD | Petrol | Medium

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Tusa Conquest II BC-0201B Jacket BCD

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The Tusa Conquest II BC-0201B Jacket BCD is so chock-full of goodies — clever clips, hooks, fastenings and adjustments, and lower exhausts on both left and right. But what divers most appreciate is the harness with lots of easy adjustability, and a top-notch anatomical back plate with near-perfect padding. Despite the easy-chairlike comfort, there is zero inherent buoyancy in the Conquest II. Divers rate it excellent for ease of assembly (thanks in part to the tank-buckle cam that locks when half-closed), for surface-floating position and for ascent control.

Technically advanced jacket BC

The Tusa Conquest II BC-0201B Jacket BCD is the latest in buoyancy compensator technology incorporating a Hybrid 3-D Bladder design and TUSA's Advanced Weight Loading System (A.W.L.S II). The Tusa Conquest II BC-0201B features a new Harness System providing ultimate tank stability and unsurpassed buoyancy control. The Tusa Conquest II comes standard with an enhanced lumbar and backpad for maximum comfort.

In addition, the Conquest II offers a new Custom Accessory Dock with the resin Quick Clip and D-ring accessory. The custom accessory dock offers the ability to customise your TUSA BC's accessory attachment points. Seven (7) customisable attachment points allow the user to position their accessories in a location that best suits their needs.

Other features include 4 dump valves (OPEV + 3), 4 Stainless, 4 Resin D-rings, knife grommets, and 2 zippered pockets.

BCDs are obviously an essential part of scuba diving, and choosing the right BC is essential to your scuba diving enjoyment and safety. BCD's help ensure neutral buoyancy underwater and positive buoyancy above water, optimising trim and therefore your hydrodynamic profile. Above water, the BCD ensures positive buoyancy to keep your head comfortable above water.

Tusa Conquest II BC-0201B Jacket BCD Features

  • Hybrid 3-D Bladder design
  • Enhanced lumbar and backpad for maximum comfort
  • Harness System provide ultimate tank stability and unsurpassed buoyancy control
  • Advanced Weight Loading System (A.W.L.S. II)
  • 2 zippered pockets
  • Knife grommets (Use TC-752 knife mount)
  • 4 Stainless, 4 Resin D-Rings
  • 4 dump valves (OPEV +3)
  • 840D/420D Nylon

Tusa Conquest II BC-0201B Jacket BCD Technology

3-D Hybrid Cubic Air Cell
The 3-D Hybrid Cubic Air Cell combines the features of a wrap-around style BCJ and a back-inflation BCJ into a unique streamlined hybrid design. The air cell offers increased lift capacity over standard back-inflation jackets and a more streamlined, comfortable fit underwater and on the surface.

A.W.L.S. II (Advanced Weight Loading System II)
The 2nd generation A.W.L.S. continues to enhance TUSA weight integrated BC jackets by incorporating a newly designed ergonomic handle grip and quick-lock feature. Release the weight cartridges with ease by simply turning the handle grip vertically 90° in either direction.

Independent Harness System (I.H.S.)
The Independent Harness System isolates the BC jacket's harness from the air cell, tightly supporting the tank even with changes in air cell inflation/deflation. The I.H.S. prevents tank slippage and eliminates any gaps between the tank and your back.

RiteTite Buckle
The RiteTite Buckle is a 2-position cam strap for quick and easy adjustment. While the strap is being looped through the buckle, the buckle stays in place without needing to be held. This allows for more control and stability. This feature is part of all TUSA BCJ's.

Ultimate Stabilising Harness (U.S.H.)
TUSA's Ultimate Stabilising Harness completely eliminates tank roll and delivers an amazing fit. The U.S.H. securely holds the air cylinder in place with optimally placed rails and brings the tank closer to the body increasing tank control while reducing weight.

Waist Support System (W.S.S.)
The Waist Support System significantly enhances comfort and fit by dispersing the weight load around the hips. The W.S.S. integrates the adjustable shoulder harness system with the rear stabilizing plate and cummerbund to effectively unload the hips while ensuring a snug fit.

TUSA Duo Air II Compatible
TUSA Duo Air II, integrated second stage regulator/power inflator is compatible.

Size Chart - Tusa Conquest II BC-0201B Jacket BCD

Size Lift N Lift lb Lift kg Height Weight lb Dump Valves Weight Capacity lb Release Weight lb
XS-S 160 36 16.3 5'0"-5'7" 100-155 4 24 16
M 190 42.7 19.4 5'6"-5'10" 155-195 4 28 20
L 220 49.5 22.4 5'10"-6'4" 195-235 4 28 20
XL 220 49.5 22.4 6'4"+ 235+ 4 28 20

Please Note: The measurements in the above size guide are approximations and are to be used for general sizing purposes only and may be subject to change.

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