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San-o-Sub Valve End Plug for Rotating Crossbar Manifold Valve

$25.00  $20.00
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  • Model: SL-BLAPLU LH | RH
  • Brand: San-o-Sub
  • EAN: 9349182006914

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Product Description

These San-o-Sub Valve End Plugs for Rotating Crossbar Manifolds convert the modular valves used with San-o-Sub 200 Bar and San-o-Sub 300 Bar Rotating Cross Bar Manifolds to single right and left valves. These blanking plugs also fit some OMS modular manifold valves, plus those by a number of other brands who actually use manifold valves rebranded from San-o-Sub.

The picture shows the plug with its two O-rings ready to be inserted into a valve. (Valve not included.)

The Right Hand blanking port valve plug has right-hand (normal) threads.

The Left Hand blanking port valve plug has left-hand (reverse) threads. It has notches cut into the nut head, so that it can be easily differentiated from the right hand blanking plug.

(01/17 LRB)

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