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  • Best Divers Apnea Neck Weight

Best Divers Apnea Neck Weight

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  • Model: BD-APN1000
  • Brand: Best Divers

Product Description

The Best Divers Apnea Neck Weight is a soft and flexible Cordura neck weight for freedivers that lets you adjust the amount and position of the weight to your needs. Velcro tabs wrap around your neck and the whole thing can be quickly removed if you need to.

The Best Divers Apnea Neck Weight can be used for Dynamic Pool Training, Line Diving, as well as Spearfishing. For dynamic training in the pool, these weights help you stay level, which makes you much more streamline and efficient. For line diving, neck weights keep you positioned parallel to the line during your decent, and pull you downward in a more relaxed and efficient manner.

The Best Divers Apnea Neck Weight has four compartments. Two are fixed and filled with 500 grams of shot weight, for a total of 1 kg. In addition, there there is a pair of zipped pockets at the back of your neck where you add extra weight as and when required, up to a total of 3 kg. That will keep your shoulders down.

This neck weight has an adjustable collar size from 38 to 44 cm.

Best Divers Apnea Neck Weight Features

  • Cordura neck weight
  • Four pockets: 2 fixed of 500 g, plus 2 flexible
  • Adjustable Collar Size: 38 to 44 cm
  • Delivered Weight: 1 kg
  • Maximum Weight: 3 kg

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