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  • Shearwater Research Crushed Battery Compartment Cap

Shearwater Research Crushed Battery Compartment Cap

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  • Model: SWR-10503
  • Brand: Shearwater Research
  • UPC: 628242090520

Product Description

This is a Shearwater Research Crushed Battery Compartment Cap for Shearwater Petrel 2 and NERD dive computers with black O-ring. Effective Spring 2016, to improve the sealing performance and O-ring life span in Shearwater NERD and Petrel2 devices (including DiveCAN controllers), the battery compartment O-ring gland design has been changed from a crushed gland with black O-ring (this product) to a radial gland with blue coloured O-ring.

The new radial gland caps can NOT be installed on older computer cases, i.e. those manufactured prior to Spring 2016. Identification of the new radial cap can be made by observing the differences in the table image above. The cases which take the new cap will be engraved RC under the strap.

Description of Old Crushed Cap Sealing

  • Crushed O-ring gland design
  • O-ring starts to seal as computer turns on
  • Sealing dependent on torque applied to battery cap
  • As the cap is tightened the O-ring is compressed into a cone shaped gland
  • Tighter the cap is the more the O-ring is crushed/compressed

Screw Type:
Plastile Screw, 48-2 Flat Head, #4-20 x 3/8", Torx T8

Just to be clear, if you use the wrong cap, your dive computer will flood and it will not be covered by any warranty. Battery caps have no need for periodic replacement, you should only need a battery cap if you lose yours.

(04/18 LRB)