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Scuba Doctor Streamlined Sport Diver Regulator Hose Package

The Scuba Doctor
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The Scuba Doctor Streamlined Sport Diver Regulator Hose Package has been carefully designed to deliver a safer and more streamlined scuba regulator hose configuration. It's a much safer hose configuration for open water diving.

As used by Experienced Open Water Sports Divers

The Scuba Doctor Streamlined Sport Diver Regulator Hose Package includes:

Streamlined Sport Diver Regulator Configuration

The Streamlined Sport Diver regulator set up is designed to keep hoses from dangling and also to maximise diver comfort. This configuration is very streamlined and efficient. It's the most popular single tank package configuration style offered by The Scuba Doctor.

In the streamlined configuration, the 120 cm longer hose on the primary regulator routes under the diver's arm, lies flat against the chest, and neatly joins the second stage with a 20/70/110° swivel adaptor, reducing mouth fatigue.

A small bolt snap is suuplied which is zip tied to the adaptor and used to clip the primary 2nd stage regulator off when moving your gear around out of the water. You don't want you primary 2nd stage regulator dragging on the ground.

The backup/octopus regulator is tucked safely under the diver's chin using a regulator necklace, allowing immediate access in an emergency. The 60 cm shorter hose on the backup/octopus regulator is more streamlined reducing drag.

In an emergency, the primary is donated while the backup is always instantly available. The longer hose means you have more room between you and your dive buddy, and you don't have to swap hoses as you would with the standard setup.

Technical divers always donate their longer hose primary, and typically don't colour code either regulator. For sport diving with the streamlined configuration, we also prefer the covers of both primary and backup second stages to be black, and the hoses to be black. However, you are free to choose whatever regulator hose colours you prefer.

Features and Benefits

The Streamlined Sport Diver Regulator Hose Configuration is a much safer setup.

This hose configuration makes you more streamlined in the water and significantly reduces drag.

The Miflex double braided flexible hoses are lighter weight, more flexible, and more durable than stanard rubber scuba hoses.

Miflex Xtreme Performance Regulator Hose Features:

  • Light and extremely flexible.
  • A multi-layer construction hose.
  • An average longer lifespan than traditional hoses.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion.
  • Kink-resistant design – tie a Miflex Xtreme LP hose into a knot and air flow remains continuous.
  • A burst pressure more than twice that of traditional hoses.
  • 30 individual safety tests made during production on every hose
  • Premium packaging which doubles as a water resistant document wallet - $8 value.
  • Approved and certified to EN250 with standards exceeding these requirements.
  • Nitrox Ready - Oxygen Cleaned from the Factory
  • Miflex hoses are fully recognisable with the Miflex name clearly shown on every fitting, as required under EN250 for product traceability.

Colour Options

Long Hose Colours: Black, Blue, Carbon Black, Fluro Yellow, Green, Mellow Yellow, Pink, Purple, Red, White

Short Hose Colours: Black, Blue, Carbon Black, Fluro Yellow, Mellow Yellow

Necklace Colours: Black, Yellow

We recommend that the fitting and installation of all diving hoses should be made by a competent person and using the correct tools. As such we would suggest this is done by a recognised service centre like Scuba Doctor Service and Repairs.

All installation should be made in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations and instructions.

If you are unsure in any way about the installation, please visit The Scuba Doctor for advice.

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