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Green Guide : Sharks and Rays of Australia


  • Model: NH-9781864363180
  • Brand: New Holland Publishers
  • UPC: 9781864363180

Product Description

Green Guide : Sharks and Rays of Australia

by Kelvin Aitken.

Behavioural insights, action photography and your questions answered.

Australia is the shark and ray capital of the world, with far more different species than any other country. Of the 950 known species of sharks and rays throughout the world, Australia is host to approximately 300, many of which are found only in the waters of Australia.

This book has been written with the amateur naturalist in mind. Information is organised simply, with individual species or group entries describing key characteristics, such as where they are found, food requirements and behavioural habits. Each entry is accompanied by a colour photograph and, where appropriate, distribution maps. A key feature is the 'gee whiz' spreads which answer many of the most commonly asked questions about why sharks and rays do what they do, revealing interesting facts and providing practical information for the amateur enthusiast. In addition, fact panels interspersed throughout the text highlight surprising snippets of information.

The Australian Green Guides have been created for wildlife enthusiasts of all ages. The most commonly asked questions are answered with particular emphasis on fascinating behavioural insights into both common and unusual creatures. The pages are alive with entertaining and informative text accompanied by exciting action photography.

Book Details:

ISBN-13: 9781864363180
Publisher: New Holland
Publication date: August 1998
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 133mm (w) x 1780mm (h)

(07/19 LRB)