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  • Mares XR3 Neoprene Drysuit - Latex Seals

Mares XR3 Neoprene Drysuit - Latex Seals

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  • Model: MARES-412149
  • Brand: Mares

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Product Description

The Mares XR3 Neoprene Drysuit is a 4mm neoprene latex drysuit with latex neck and wrist seals, graphite protection on knees, shoulders and posterior and offers great flexibility. It has a dry seal around the neck (velcro) and complete coverage from the hood to avoid water exposure. The newly integrated 4mm neoprene boots with rigid sole has reinforced boot instep and adjustable velcro ankle strap for perfect closure.

Neoprene Material
The dry suit is made of extremely flexible neoprene material. This makes the wearing and diving comfort unique, since there are not many supple neoprene dry suits yet. Neoprene is plastic foam that is resilient and stretchy. The material has a dirt-repellent, insulating and extra flexible effect. This ensures that the suit always fits the body well and you can move around easily. This makes the suit very comfortable!

The suit has a neoprene neck seal and extra collar where the supplied cap goes in between. The suit is equipped with a metal back zipper. This also provides extra strength so that a long life span is guaranteed. Please note that you need a buddy to help you put the suit on.

The dry suit is standard equipped with suspenders. These ensure that the bottom part of the suit always stays up neatly, even when you have the suit at your waist. The suspenders are adjustable and elastic.

Graphite protection
The suit has reinforced patches at various points. These protect your knees, for example, when there is friction. They also offer great flexibility for the shoulders and backside.

Shoes and Pocket
The drysuit has a fixed shoe with a hard sole. A pocket is placed on the right side of the leg. Handy to store your things!

Mares XR3 Neoprene Drysuit Features

  • 4mm Tough but Flexible Neoprene
  • Large, Pre-mounted, comfortable, adjustable elastics suspenders
  • New redefined, enhanced design
  • One Neoprene, wide-zippered pocket on the right leg
  • Highly-durable Kev/XR reinforcements for protection on the knees, shoulders and posterior
  • Back-mounted dry zip - Mares XR exclusive inlet and outlet valves
  • Dry seal around the neck (Velcro) and complete coverage from the hood to avoid water exposure
  • 4mm Dry smooth hood
  • Stronger Mat Bag
  • Integrated 4mm Neoprene boots with a rigid sole
  • Reinforced boot instep and adjustable velcro ankle strap for perfect closure
  • Latex wrist seals (allowing for use of dry gloves)

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL. 3XL

Mares XR3 Drysuit Size Chart.

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

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