Mushroom Reef

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Ideal For Snorkelling Inside Western Port Marine Park - No Fishing Open Water Rated Reef Dive Site

Depth: 6 metres (20 feet) to 8 metres (26 feet)

Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary

The Mushroom Reef dive site is much like the Mornington Peninsula Back Beach dives over Portsea/Sorrento way. It is located near Flinders Pier, but is quite exposed. There can be a lot of surge even on calm looking days.

The landscape is quite nice and there are lots of cool leatherjackets and marine life similar to Diamond Bay and St Paul's Road.

Mushroom Reef
Mushroom Reef | © Phil Watson

Named for its mushroom shaped reef, this site is a part of the Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctury which protects 80 ha of the open coast of Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula. Composed of sandstone rock platforms extending from the shore, the park includes sheltered rock pools, coves and a shallow reef on the ocean side. The reef is formed from ancient basalt which has weathered beautifully, allowing creatures to hide within crevices and cracks or under loose rocks.

This area is famous for its diversity of marine life and has attracted scientists for over 100 years. The intertidal soft sediment is an important feeding and roosting habitat for many birds. When searching the rockpools one can find many crabs, multicoloured cushion seastars, numerous species of snails and delicate anemones.

The seafloor (2-3m) is covered with canopy forming brown algae and patches of seagrass which attract many species of fish such as morwongs, wrasse, cowfish and Victoria's marine emblem, the Weedy Seadragon. If you're lucky you may be able to spot a Black and White Seastar. This amazing creature is one of only two seastars known to brood its young in its stomach.

See WillyWeather as a guide for the tide times and the height of the tide.

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Location: Flinders
MELWAY Ref: Page 261 K11

Access: The carpark is on Flinders Ocean Beach Entry Road, off Golf Links Road, Flinders. Entry via shore after short walk from the carpark down the stairs.

Facilities: Free car park at all times. No toilet and no rubbish bins for litter.

Latitude: 38° 28.894′ S   (38.48157° S / 38° 28′ 53.65″ S)
Longitude: 145° 0.990′ E   (145.016506° E / 145° 0′ 59.42″ E)

Datum: WGS84 | Google Map
Added: 2018-01-18 00:11:17 GMT, Last updated: 2019-06-02 07:49:40 GMT
Source: Google Earth
Nearest Neighbour: Flinders Back Beach, 238 m, bearing 142°, SE
Depth: 6 to 8 m.

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