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Wooden Screw Steamer | Max Depth: 4 metres (13 feet)

SS Wauchope
SS Wauchope | © State Library Victoria

The Wauchope (aka SS Wauchope) was built for the NSW north coast trade, and from 1910 worked Bass Strait, between King Island, Launceston and Melbourne. The Wauchope now lies about 500 metres from shore off Sorrento in Port Phillip. The vessel lies on an approximately East-West orientation, with the bow to the East, in a depth of 4 metres.

Diving the Wauchope

Newspaper reports at the time of the fire on board the SS Wauchope give the impression that the ship was totally destroyed. But, there is still enough of the shipwreck on the seafloor to make this an interesting and worthwile dive. The site extends for 41.5 metres (136 feet) in length. The wreck has an extensive growth of seaweed on and around it and is home to a large population of fish including stingrays.

S.S. Wauchope in The Rip by A.V. Gregory
S.S. Wauchope by A.V. Gregory

The SS Wauchope's boiler is the largest feature of the site. In the bow area there is good definition of the hull shape and remains of wooden ribs protrude from the sand. The keelson can be seen extending along the length of the bow, from the deck framing to the boiler. Remains of the propeller shaft and blades can still be seen at the stern along with a small ampunt of coal. Wooden railing, decking and more of ship ribs can also be observed at the stern.

Broken green champagne bottles and black glass whiskey bottle necks, together with concrete bags lie on the Sorrento side of the hull.

The boiler of the Wauchoope is exposed at high and low water and can be seen from Sorrento boat ramp.

The wreck lies in shallow water and is best to dive on flood slack for maximum visibility.

Wauchope Dive Site Map
Wauchope Dive Site Map | © Victorian Archaeological Survey

Wauchope History

Wauchope Painting by A Duffy
Wauchope Painting by A Duffy

Built in 1905 by D. Sullivan of Coopernook, NSW in Manning, NSW, the Wauchope was a wooden screw steamer 127.5 feet (39 metres) long, with a beam of 25.5 feet (7.8 metres), and a depth of 9.2 feet (2.8 metres)

The Wauchope was in mandatory 7 day quarantine due to 'flu epidemic'. Manned by 'loyalist' (non-union) crew, due to bitter seamen's strike. Fire broke out in forward hatch, benzine later exploded after vessel abandoned. Beached but drifted onto sandbank on 1 August 1919 off Sorrento in Port Phillip.

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Dive Information Sheet: SS Wauchope (1877-1900) (Adobe PDF | 489.14 KB).

Latitude: 38° 19.598′ S   (38.326633° S / 38° 19′ 35.88″ S)
Longitude: 144° 44.792′ E   (144.746533° E / 144° 44′ 47.52″ E)

Datum: WGS84 | Google Map
Added: 2012-07-22 01:00:00 GMT, Last updated: 2019-06-22 14:23:26 GMT
Source: Book - Shipwrecks Around Port Phillip Heads GPS (verified)
Nearest Neighbour: Sorrento Boat Moorings, 822 m, bearing 194°, SSW
SS Wauchope, Wooden steamship, 269 ton.
Sunk: 1 August 1919.
Depth: 0 to 4 m.

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