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Sonar SMB/Wreck Dive Reel - 45 metre (148 ft) Line

  • TRI-DF17 | AUP n/a
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The Sonar SMB/Wreck Dive Reel is a traditional handled reel. Typically used by recreational divers to deploy their delayed surface marker buoys (DSMBs), or by the cave or wreck diver who is venturing in overhead, silt prone or virgin environments.

The 45 metre (148 ft) line length means as a sport/recreational diver you can easily deploy your SMB from the bottom. This reel is also ideal for lift bag deployment.

The reel position with the handle on top, helps divers who use a handheld light to hold both the light and the reel in one hand, freeing the other hand to work the reel. The Sonar SMB/Wreck Dive Reel has large tension adjustment control knob which is easy-to-use with gloved hands, and helps prevent bird-nesting and back-lash of the line.

Friction brakes are fitted to avoid run-on (bird nesting), and a large knob assembly is designed for easy use with or without gloves.

A locking nut and stainless steel eye snap offers safe, secure stowing when not in use.


  • Corrosion resistant aluminium anodised frame
  • Plastic spool, 80 mm diameter
  • Easy to use line friction/drag system
  • Line length: 45 metres (148 ft)
  • Line material: Nylon 2 mm (0.079")
  • Spring loaded slide gate swivel bolt snap

(08/21 HS)

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